My Book

I Thought We Agreed To Pee In the Ocean: And Other Amusings From A Girl Wearing Sweatpants

Bistro Books


“Fiercely entertaining– A fun and funny read, with heart and smarts.” -Regina Barreca

From mourning the finale of a beloved television series to accidentally attending a pole dancing class intended for professional strippers, this collection captures life’s absurdities through the perspective of an every-woman. Alena Dillon invites readers to laugh along with her as she reflects on universal experiences including diet frustration (The devil is in the Doritos), as well as situations uniquely Dillon’s own, such as pounding on the side of a moving Mister Softee truck. Her widely recognizable stories of love, rejection, body image, snarky baristas, bargain hunting, ill-timed snorting and, of course, public urination, will leave you reeling.


6 thoughts on “My Book

    • Thanks for the congrats and for reading! It took about two years to put together the essays in this particular book, but the entire road has been much longer, so yes– I’ve very excited!! Thanks again 🙂

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