On Raising A Dog


The Smart Set published an essay of mine about my beautiful little pup and my fear of parenthood. Hope you enjoy it!


One thought on “On Raising A Dog

  1. What a nice, entertaining, understandable, wide-ranging and complete (with ups and downs) essay! You have answered your own question through it….your mom would say: the ups AND downs were worth it! You will finally be able to relax and enjoy your adult children, in spite of tribulations along the way. The nice thing I think about dogs is they are like young children…so in training them, We get some ideas of how we want to raise children in terms of specific behaviors like noise, toy messes, obedience, etc. and “ disdain” doesn’t enter the picture for years (and then stays with a vengeance as you noted). By then you may have a thicker skin😊. Humans make mistakes, and moms are human (ask Philip if he has forgiven me my mistakes!). I think even the “menial” work mentioned is seeing to the needs of yourself and your nest and any that live there with you. We all share in this.

    I do enjoy your writings!! Mary

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