Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Check out my piece published today on Bustle!

Oh, and happy new year!


3 thoughts on “Secret to an Extraordinary Life

  1. Congrats!! on another published piece. Sweet…you have ID’ed a key difference in generations. TV for mine was a sometime thing and clearly irrelevant to reality, such that there was no yearning on the part of most to aspire to extraordinary-ness. The society/parental messages were…get out of the house, get a job, support yourself, and have fun in-between. It is also wise of you to realize special moments with special people are not the ordinary….and to treasure them. Many often do not realize or do not treasure, leaving them resentful or dissatisfied with their lives. You two have a good life together with decent jobs and each other…and now in a place you like and enjoy! what a great way to start out! Enjoy the snowstorm if you get it! Love M

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  2. That was a great article. It makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one who thinks that way. Your writing evokes vivid imagery and is easy to relate to. Loved it!

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