Shia LaBeouf’s Movie Credits

“LaBeouf apologized for failing to credit artist Dan Clowes’ work in his new short film”– USA Today

  1. The Quiet of the Sheep
  2. It’s A Rad Birth Until Death
  3. An Immediate Apocalypse
  4. The Green 5,280 Feet
  5. It Was Right Here A Second Ago But The Wind Just Took It
  6. United States Beauty
  7. A Clockwork Peach
  8. To Murder A Finch–Not Atticus Finch, The Bird Finch
  9. Never-ending Sunshine of a Blank Mind
  10. Batman Starts
  11. Monsieur Smith Goes to DC
  12. Blade Sprinter
  13. The Sense That’s One Higher Than The Fifth Sense
  14. 10 x 100,000 Dollar Infant
  15. 8-1
  16. 4×3 Pissed Off Guys
  17. The Decent, The Evil, And The Homely

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