My 30 Before 30 List


Phil turns 30 next month. This has reminded me that, while it’s too late for him, I still have time. Time to accomplish, to embrace life, to experience. Time to carpe diem the crap out of my remaining years. So here’s a list of things I hope to do. You know, before I’m in my (gasp!) 30’s. Some items are ambitious but most, well, are not. A lot of people’s 30 before 30 list have these great big dreams, like driving cross country or losing 15 pounds. I like to keep things more realistic and, aside from a few exceptions, the following list contains mostly attainable items. Still, they are items of merit, because I really do need to satisfy them before I’m 30.

  1. Learn how to pop the hood of my car
  2. Throw away all pants whose waist I hope I’ll  fit into one day but won’t unless the world ends and I’m surviving in a post apocalyptic world where I have to wrestle my food into submission
  3. Sew closed the hole in the sweater I still wear even though there is a hole in it
  4. Understand what an IRA is
  5. Flip through the CD book in my car and toss out what should be tossed out, no strings attached (ahem)
  6. Bake bread without Phil’s help so that when we have kids, he won’t be the favorite parent just because of his sweet bread recipe (sweet, here, meaning cool. It isn’t sweet bread)
  7. Sing Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” at a karaoke night
  8. See Elton John in concert (If I see Elton John outside of concert, that too will satisfy this item)
  9. Watch Braveheart (Phil’s favorite movie)
  10. Beat Phil in Connect Four (I beat him once, but we had played ten games in a row and he was just tired and careless, so I don’t count it… I think we need some local friends)
  11. Sit in a New Orleans jazz club
  12. Rescue a puppy
  13. Buy a home (notice I did not use the word house, allowing room for flexibility ie condo, teepee, etc)
  14. Go to BB Kings for the Harlem Gospel Choir Sunday Brunch
  15. Apologize to my little brother for once convincing him that I was a vampire and reducing his five year old self to tears (Since he is a regular reader, I’ll consider this item done!)
  16. Bike around Governor’s Island
  17. Decide, once and for all, if I like cream cheese
  18. Cut bangs
  19. Grow the bangs out because they were a mistake
  20. Buy prescription aviators
  21. Secure a book deal
  22. Own a piece of furniture that isn’t a hand-me-down, didn’t require assembly, and wasn’t purchased at Salvation Army
  23. Give myself a manicure that doesn’t look as if I let my 4-year-old niece play dress up
  24. Wear my wedding gown at least once more before I outgrow it
  25. Dress up as Bellatrix Lestrange for Halloween
  26. Nail down a decent English accent (This item should come before #25 to optimize the impersonation)
  27. Sprinkle tarragon in something
  28. Memorize a summarizing sentence of what Phil researches
  29. Buy a mini torch for making creme brulee (I can save the actual making of it for my 40 before 40 list)
  30. Wear lipstick

8 thoughts on “My 30 Before 30 List

  1. These are very awesome I like your 30 by 30 list. I think I did some of those by the time I was thirty so I guess I’m in good shape. Now I’m way passed that and looking at the 40 for 40 in a couple of years. Carpe Diem the crap out of my remaining years. I like that. I liked that line a lot. I might put that on my fridge 🙂

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