Canine Patrol

This post today is dedicated to a heroic pooch. A pup who wouldn’t stand by and do nothing. The kind of dog that would jump on those subway tracks, grab the fallen by the nape, and leap back onto the platform just before the 6 whips into the station. Was this dog a Great Dane like Scooby Doo? A German Shepherd like Rin Tin Tin? A Rough Coated Collie like Lassie? A Black Mouth Cur like Old Yeller? (Still too soon to mention Old Yeller?). No. This courageous canine was a Pit Bull.

I hear your gasp, and I can psychically read your thoughts through our computer screens even though I am typing this way before you are reading it: A Pit? The hulking breed that eats babies for breakfast? One of the fur-coated assassins? Yes, a pit bull. But this terrier has paws for the law.

A woman and her two-year-old son were leaving a playground in Port Charlotte, FL when a man attacked them at knife point. Luckily for them, this 65-pound stray soared through the air and came to their rescue, barking and baring his teeth at the assailant, who fled. The woman and her child ran to their car, and this goofy-grinned guardian jumped into their backseat. Together they waited for the police.

I wanted to share this story with all those that shudder at the mention of this misunderstood pedigree, and to convey the message that we shouldn’t judge a dog by its massive deltoids, square jaw, and dagger-like teeth. Well, except Dobermans. They are born killers who live to be unleashed on nine-year-old girls that are screaming and running with tears streaming down their cheeks (I still remember, Elizabeth Ginorio. And I can still hear you laughing). Oh, and yellow Labs, especially a brute named Buddy who growls and blocks the door when you are dog sitting, forcing you to call your mom and beg for rescue in a whisper so that the dog can’t hear your fear. Yes, don’t be fooled by the soft brown eyes of a Labrador. That’s how they get you. I don’t know what talented public relations professional managed to sell those monsters as good family dogs, but I’m not buying it. That mutt was thirsty for blood.


One thought on “Canine Patrol

  1. Any dog, including Dobermans, (?men?) is only as good as he is trained to be by his human! But I do think that most herding dogs, including labs, have protective and gentle instincts that make them safer around children.

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